Delirium (42 Spiegel)

Framed inkjet prints

For a long time now, sacred objects and artefacts have been stripped of their context, symbols get overwritten and the objects are embedded in the new faiths under different omens. Newly emerging religions have always used the symbols of others.  What is new is that even photographs of sacred objects are sufficient to be worshipped in the emerging faith movements. The photograph as a placeholder of the actual object.

At this point, the deconstruction begins. In this work, the borrowed objects are again withdrawn from their contexts. If meanings are already negated, then even more so from here on. From now on there are no more meanings, everything can be put together anew. A clear picture is no longer possible.

As if one were looking at the world through a membrane and as
if everything concrete, like one's own desk or the neighbour's dog, were to lose its outline and only be available to one's own perception in fragmented parts. Or even as if one were a child again and sat under the flower tablecloth on one's uncle's 50th birthday and watched the adults, who are now only shadows of an external world, eating. And although when you look at them you think you are looking through something at something behind the mirrors, as if you would discover an answer there (when it has long been clear that the only answer is 42), this thought is a fallacy.

For we never look through a mirror, but only back at ourselves in a mirror.

by Stephanie Nebenführ

exhibition views